Simply sign up and start getting paid up to $400 per month. You simply complete the application forms and are entered into the drivers database. Once your driving stats match a suitable sponsor, you will be contacted to start getting paid to drive.

The program is designed for you to drive your normal daily routine. There is no additional driving that you have to do in order to be selected into the program.

Payments vary depending on the campaign and the size of the advert along with other factors such as location, model and age of car, mileage driven, etc. Payments are made for each completed month that you advertise. Payments are made typically through paypal or by check.

Get paid to drive your car

A wrapped car gets an amazing amount of attention while driving. The concept of a wrapped vehicle is simple, you match an advertiser looking for a new medium to advertise with a driver looking to earn a little extra cash for driving their normal routine.

Vehicle advertising is the hottest form of outdoor advertising available, and provides an affordable way for all types of business to advertise. The vehicles can be fully wrapped in advertisements, but there are cheaper alternatives such as half wraps, rear window advertisements or magnetic signs on the side doors. This form of advertisement acts like a moving billboard and reminds customers of the service, retail store or product that the business is promoting.

Its a win-win situation for both the advertiser and the driver. For a full list of current programs, check out Free Car Solution

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