How do I apply to become an driver?

To apply to become a driver, click on the Sign Up Now button from the top menu.

How much will I get paid?

Getting paid varies and depends on the size of the advert, your make and model of vehicle, your target location, the sponsor, etc… Payments can range up to $400 per month for a fully wrapped vehicle.

How will I be notified if I have been selected as a driver?

You will be either emailed or called if a sponsor is interested in your profile. Details of the campaign will be stated in the email, which will included the type of advert, amount you will be paid monthly, etc… If you are interested, you should reply as soon as possible. Most positions tend to fill up quickly.

How long will be paid for?

This can very from sponsor to sponsor, but can last up to 3 years in some cases.

If I am contacted, can I refuse the advertisement?

Sure you can, we do have some drivers refuse based on the advertiser, the term of the sponsorship, or the monthly payment is not what they are looking for. It is in the best interest of the advertiser for the driver to be very happy with all of the sponsorship details. The driver is essentially a brand ambassador, and they will be the face of the brand.

How often do you check up on your drivers?

We want to make our advertisers vary comfortable that our drivers are maintaining their end of the contract by keeping the advert on their vehicle at all time and by driving their vehicle as stated in their application. It is in the best interest of the driver to have the vehicle available for inspection at any time. This will vary by the sponsorship, but most of the time, it will be checked at every 30 days.

How often do I get paid?

Typically, payments are made on a monthly basis.

Where does the install occur?

This will vary by the advertiser, but most of the time we will try to get an installer as close to your home as possible. In some cases, you may install a rear window decal yourself.

Are you looking for a specific brand of vehicle?

Absolutely not, every type of vehicle is eligible. It is up to the advertiser to decide what is best for their campaign.

I have two cars, can I enroll both of them?

Yes, but the main driver for each car should fill out the application based on their driving habits for each car.

Can I take my vehicle through a car wash?

Yes, you can. The type of vinyl cast advertisement that we use ensures the you can wash your car as you regularly do. We do not recommend the manual pressure washer wands be sprayed directly on any advert areas.

Will this damage my car?

Absolutely not, the vinyl cast material will not harm your paint at all. It will sometimes protect your paint from small dings and scratches.

What if get in an accident and damage the ad?

Simply contact us and let us know the details of the accident within 48 hours of the accident happening. If it is just a small accident, we can sometimes fix or patch the existing advert.

Can I get paid more money if I go on a long road trip and drive more miles?

The simple answer is no, our sponsor have chosen your profile based on your current driving habits. Our advertisers are targeting your market area that you drive your daily routine.

143 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. HI Vickie

    There is no guarantee to get selected, it all depends on what advertisers are looking for in a particular advertising campaign. It doesn’t hurt to sign up as a driver and see if you get selected

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  2. Hi K,

    The wrap is a vinyl wrap material that will not damage your paint, the material clings to your vehicle without and adhesive.

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  3. Hi Kathy

    The only way to sign up is online, that way your name is automatically entered into the pool of drivers

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  4. My cars are in perfect mechanical and cosmetic condition and are located in Robbinsdale, Minnesota (inner suburb of Minneapolis). I also work at Trader Joe’s so my auto would be in a highly visible at Arbor Lakes mall in Maple Grove, MN.

  5. Hi Bill

    You sound like a perfect candidate, but it all depends what advertisers are looking for with their current campaigns. If you haven’t already, use the driver application to sign up.

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  6. I have a 2010 Toyota Matrix (super white), I live in Tuscaloosa and go to the University of Alabama where I park on campus…would this be a car sponsors would be interested in?

    Also, how would I get paid and how is that payment made securely? Finally, how do I know it’s not a scam? How can I be sure that my SS and credit information is protected?


  7. Hi Jereme

    I suggest you add your application, some advertisers are looking to advertise to the college crowd, while others are looking for commuters, it all depends on the advertisers needs at that time.

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  8. Hello, I am curious if something like this exists in Canada? If so do you know who I could contact?



  9. Hi Jordan

    Yes this is open to Canada as well, use the drivers application to sign up

    Thanks, Dunna
    My Free Car

  10. I’m a medical driver, i pick people up and take them to hospitals, clinics, to different towns, and bring them back home.

    I’m also looking at doing small runs for people, where it’s to much money for them to pay a taxi, I don’t have a car

    right now but maybe there’s a way to have new, or next new car to use..

  11. Hi Sara

    It may have been down during server maintenance, I am showing everything works now, so please sign up as a driver

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  12. Hi Donald

    That is great, please sign up as a driver. You do need your own car to advertise on.

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  13. Hello Donna.
    I am trying to go back to school for my degree in business administration And trying to have a substantial cut in the price of my study and between work,school (five days a week),,my girl friend(In Brooklyn.NY) and my sister(in Orange NJ) where,Where I go every two weeks(religiously).It is a lot of driving.Then I read about your program while reading.I get enough money to deposit in a car and just want to assure myself that I can keep up with the payment.So,I want to offert my services to your company.Please,tell me where and how to start.I will be be tankfull.
    Carpel,Jean-Gerard Virginio
    E-mail :[email protected]
    Phone :617-586-5024
    P.S: I reside in Jamaica Pllain (Boston ,MA) 02130.
    I work as a valet parker and deliver pizza.

  14. Hi Jean,

    Please sign up as a driver to see if you will be selected

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  15. I am just wondering. I am trying to get me my liscence later on. I don’t have a car in my name. Do I still get one from this website, or what ever it is. 2. Once I am done with the sponsors deal. Do I get to keep the car. 3. Do I have to pay any money out on anything, that includes (insurence, gas, oil, antifreeze, etc). 4. I live in Ashtabula, Ohio. Is there one of them sponsors out there close by me. And 5. Do I have to leave my hometown (Ashtabula) if the sponsors needed me to. I don’t know any where else to exept Ashtabula.

  16. Hi Michael,

    You do need to have your own car at this time

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  17. Do I have a good chance of being selected since I own a Nissan Altima. I noticed in your ad you only show SUVs with ads on them??

  18. Hi Alice,

    We accept all vehicle types, sign up as a driver

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  19. Hello! Your sign up link isnt working, I would love to be part of this program and would appreciate it if you could fix it.
    Thank you!!

  20. i would love to sign up but are there smaller decals that i could stick on my back glass besides the full body wrap?

  21. is there small decals i dont really want to get my whole car wrapped so is there like bumper stickers?

  22. I drive my child to and from High School everyday. Go shopping almost everyday and my car is sitting in different parking lots everyday too.
    I drive a green 1999 Plymouth Voyager. What would be the average for a full car advertisement?

  23. I’m considering signing up my car, but I don’t want to fully wrap my car with an ad. Just out of curiosity, what is the smallest size ad that can be placed on a car, and where ideally should it be placed?

  24. HI Kerry

    The amount paid varies depending on the advertiser

    Please add yourself as a driver

    Thanks, Donna

  25. Hi, how big are the advertisements? Do they all cover up the most of the back window or are some little?

  26. hi there! i saw you guys from seventeen magazine in the october issue. it says you guys also do “small decal” which can “get you $50 a month” where can i sign up?! i am so interested in that. however, my parents won’t let me get the full wrap ad. please, reply whenever possible.

  27. My driver’s license is from AZ and I am attending college in NM. I want to apply in NM while I am at school. Must I attain a NM driver’s license to do this?

  28. Yes that is true, we were so excited to be featured in seventeen magazine 🙂

    Please sign up as a driver

    Thanks, Donna

  29. If you put a sticker on your car or wrap the whole thing can you take it off when you don’t want it anymore or is it permanent?(Will taking it off damage the car?)

  30. I currently have body damage to passenger door. does that exclude me from getting decals on my vehicle?

  31. I live and work in a small town in Oregon of about 3,000. I work at the local High School.

    What are my chances of being selected?

  32. Hi David

    Most likely from the full wrap, but the rear window would still be an option

    Thanks, Donna

  33. It all depends what our advertisers are looking for

    Please fill out a driver application

    Thanks, Donna

  34. I was thinking of signing up but am unsure of the size of these decals. I am willing to put some on my windows and bumper or something but not around my whole car. Can you compare the size of the window or bumper decals to something?

  35. We do have rear window advertisements and also magnet door ads

    Please sign up as a driver

    Thanks, Donna

  36. i saw your website in seventeen. i was wondering what companies i could have an ad for on my car. Also i would like a small decal. can i get that without getting the whole car or window covered?

  37. Hi Erin

    Yes, we were happy to be in seventeen magazine

    We have a wide variety of advertisers and decal sizes

    Please sign up as a driver when you get a chance

    Thanks, Donna

  38. if i signed up and get selected and do this advertising for a while, can i just quit doing it or is there a period/contract in doing this?…also after im done with this, are the stick-ons removeable?

  39. All of our decals are removable, typically we do require you stay with the program at least one year

    Thanks, Donna

  40. I am interested in putting a small advertisement on the back of my car. I have a 2004 jeep Cherokee special addition and was wondering how much I would get paid for a small one with my type of car? And also what advertisements are available? Thanks.

  41. Hey I found this in the Seventeen magazine and it had said it could be a decal or full car advertisement. I couldn’t find the decal option anywhere on this website and I’d possibly be interested in just a certain sized decal to have on my car. Please let me know if this is an option.

  42. Yes we have small rear window decals and also magnet decals for your side door

    Please sign up as a driver

    Thanks, Donna

  43. I am beyond interested in advertising with my car, but I do have one concern: my car has some visible damage to the passenger side doors. Would this prevent me from being eligible for advertising? The requirements say that the vehicle must be free of damage, would my doors keep me from participating? Again, I really want to do this! It could really help financially, as a college student, I can really use the money. Would I still be eligible?
    Thanks, Devinn

  44. You would be ineligible for a full car wrap due to the damage, but may qualify for a rear window advertisement

    Thanks, Donna

  45. Greetings, I have 1 box truck and 2 cars. I use my tuck for my small business occassionally and it doesn’t have any ad or business decals on it and it sits on a semi busy street. Can I sign up for all three vehicles?

  46. I would like to sign up. Can I sill do so if the vehicle is registered under my husbands name only?but I am the one who drives the vehicle all over.

  47. Hello,
    I was wondering do you pay for the advertisement (paint) or does the person who signs up? Thank you.

  48. The advertiser pays for everything

    We use a vinyl wrap, it is a big static cling sticker for your car

    Thanks, Donna

  49. I am a 76 year old female Veteran. I only use my car twice a week but will be willing to drive each day. I have a 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme in excellent condition. Is there any way I can qualify? I really need the money.

  50. If you want to get a new car while a current one is wrapped…is it possible to get the new one wrapped in the same vinyl so that you can turn the other car in?

  51. Not at this time, you usually need to keep your car from 1 to 3 years after it is wrapped

    Thanks, Donna

  52. Hello.
    I live in a town where many people get around on golfcarts. Is it possible to put an advertisement on my golfcart?

  53. Just signed up… Just wondering how it works, if selected do advertisers contact me if they are interested in using my car?? Thanks

  54. Are there smaller decals that can be put on? Like ones that would not wrap around the whole car? I understand that it would pay less.

  55. Hi Georgia

    Yes, there is also a rear window decal

    Please sign up as a driver and include that

    Thanks, Donna

  56. Is this taxable? I mean i will get paid monthly, right? And when the tax season comes do i have to include this? I’m from canada by the way. Thanks.

  57. I live in Myrtle Beach South Carolina

    I drive a Mercedes – Benz R-350, will I need to change to a commercial licence/plate if I begin to advertise?

  58. Hello, I tried emailing your Web link and I do not think it works! May I get a application?

  59. Hi JN

    The wrap will be removed by us at the end of your contract

    The wrap simply peels off and does not damage your vehicle

    Thanks, Donna

  60. What are the requirements to be accepted as a driver? Do I have to have a perfect driving record?

  61. Hi Amy,

    Not at all, your daily driving routine is more important than your previous record

    Please include everything in your application

    Thanks, Donna

  62. If I don’t have a vehicle can the advertiser supply a car to start promoting their business.

  63. Hello,

    I was wondering if there was very slight damage to my car, would it disqualify me from applying? It isn’t on any of the sides; my front grill is bent inwards slightly. I also have unrelated speeding tickets in my past. I noticed serious traffic violations was also mentioned in the terms and conditions.

    Thank you,


  64. I have two vehicles, one has a payment, a small car and the other a van which is paid for. Is it ok to have a wrap put on a vehicle that is not paid for? Do I need permission from the lender? Also, does the wrap come off without damaging paint if we decide not to pursue this?

  65. Hi Dawn,

    The wrap does not damage the paint, there is no adhesive either.

    Thanks, Donna

  66. Is there either a minimum mileage requirement or a minimum required number of days per week (or both) that all advertisers need, or does it depend on location only?

  67. Hi Ed,

    Most require a minimum mileage, but every advertiser is different. Please complete an application

    Thanks, Donna

  68. Hi,

    Does the paint stay in the car even after the promotion is over, or do you remove the ad once you stop paying for the ad?

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