Car wrapping is the most cost effective advertising on the market. This form of advertising is effective because of the visibility it brings along with the repetition. The more that the public sees your brand, the more that you will build brand awareness. This brand awareness builds the perception of being the best in your respective field.

A few of the many benefits you get by wrapping vehicles with advertisements:

  • High visibility
  • Advertise only in the target market you want
  • Only qualified drivers to brand your message
  • No gas, insurance or maintenance payments, flat rate fee paid to drivers
  • Very low cost per thousand impressions compared to other advertising mediums

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  1. Hi Inessa

    Add that info to your driver application when you sign up

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  2. I’m interested in advertising my car. Please contact me for more information.
    Sincerely, Rachael

  3. Hi Rachael

    The best method is for you to sign up and wait to see if your profile matches an advertisers needs

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  4. Hi Rob

    I am not sure if that is a question, sign up as a driver

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  5. Hi Donna,
    I live in the Springfield, Mo. area would any of your adertisers be interested in my area?

  6. Hi Jeff,

    Yes, there is a need everywhere, sign up as a driver

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  7. Hi Sean,

    That is a lot of miles, please add yourself as a driver

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  8. I heard about this from a magazine. I like the idea of making a little extra cash by putting small decals on my car. Could you send me some more info?

  9. I’m in Madison Wisconsin almost every day for college and work. It is one of the most populated cities in Wisconsin, Interested?

  10. I was wondering if the year and model of the car have an effect on how likely you will be to be chosen? I have a 1991 Buick Camry and I don’t want to apply if I won’t be getting offers.

  11. I want to earn money but I don’t want a full wrap is there like a small decal? And does the age of the driver matter?

  12. Hi Katlyn,

    We were excited to be featured in Seventeen magazine, Oct 2013 issue 😉

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  13. Hi Skylar,

    Not at this time, as the rear window would start to get cluttered

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  14. I am 20 years old, very interested in getting paid to have my car wrapped in any advertisement. Working full time and trying to pay my way through college, any extra money would be great.

  15. I have a 2010 Mazda 3 but I don’t want to cover my entire car, do you guys smaller advertisers like just a window or a decal on the car?


  17. Hi there, I’m Brooke! I have a cute dark blue ’05 Honda civic and I live in Hope Mills, NC and I work in Fayetteville, NC and I also drive on Ft.Bragg frequently so there are tons of people that see me!! I’d love to advertise to make a few extra dollars and I also find it interesting because I will be going to college soon and id like to major in marketing!! PICK ME!!!

  18. Hi krish

    Yes, we have drivers in Canada

    Use the link at the top to sign up as a driver

    Thanks, Donna

  19. Brooke, Please sign up as a driver

    We have different advertisers that may fit your car

    Thanks, Donna

  20. Hey, just wondering if there are any rear window decals that are small and do not take up the entire space of the window. Any advertisements only the size of about a quarter of the rear window?


  21. Hi Madison

    We have different sizes for the rear window

    Please sign up as a driver

    Thanks, Donna

  22. Hi, I am interested, however do y’all have any companies that are all organic or a non GMO project organization? I would love to advertise for them!

  23. I saw this in my magazine and I’m interested in a small decal, not a full wrap. Could you please email me some information?

  24. HI Ana

    We have different advertisers and always have new ones, so please include that info in your comment section

    Thanks, Donna

  25. Hi Erin

    Sign up as a driver, we have rear window and magnet advertisements also

    Thanks, Donna

  26. Going to be traveling from Florida to New Mexico soon to visit and then probably move in 8 or so months so would be good to advertise a national company during these travels. We had signed up and now to dig out the information and get set up. This is exciting!!!

  27. We may have something for you, please fill our your details in our driver application

    Thanks, Donna

  28. Hi I read in a magazine about how I can get stickers for my car and get paid, how do I do that because I can’t wrap my car?

  29. My husband and I will be driving to alaska this summer and are interested in wrapping our small teardrop trailer. do you do that?

  30. Would love to have my 2012 mazda 3 hatchback wrapped in the seattle area if there is an open availability. :]

  31. I have a 2013 Ford Fiesta and am interested in advertising for companies; Please contact me so you can wrap my car and pay me to drive it around town…


    Thank you

  32. Typically not, but we do offer magnet advertisements that go on your side doors

    Thanks, Donna

  33. I have 1998 volkswagon beetle and its in awesome shape so i would love to advertise for you guys.. how long does it technically take for a sponsor to respond to you?


  34. Sorry I can’t give you an answer, it all depends what advertisers are looking for

    Thanks, Donna

  35. Some advertisements are full car wraps and some are a small decal on the back of your vehicle

    It all depends on what the advertisers are looking for with their advertisement campaigns

    Thanks, Donna

  36. Do u have any advertising for animal rescues or humane societies?! Im suppose to start sponsoring Pepsi soon and I’m in with animal rescue and would rather do it. Thanks.

  37. Hi Donna,

    I would love to be a driver, however I am in South Africa and was wondering if the need for such a service is high in South Africa?

  38. Hi, my name is Paul, what company do you know of that pays you to put their sticker ads on your truck or car for getting paid. Thanks Paul.

  39. HI Vicky

    Payment is made through check or paypal

    Tax needs to be paid on all income regardless of how you earn it. Please consult your tax advisor

    Thanks, Donna

  40. I have a 2013 Honda Odyssey and am interested in advertising for companies; Please contact me so you can wrap my car and pay me to drive it around town , while going to work daily (Dallas,Irving,Carrllton, Plano,Frisco, and Little Elm cities).

  41. That is a perfect car for this

    Please include all those details in your application

    Thanks, Donna

  42. Hi,
    I live in Palm Beach Florida and am wondering what type of opportunities are available? I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you!

  43. Hi Mike

    We have opportunities throughout the United States

    Please fill out a driver application

    Thanks, Donna

  44. I drive a semi truck and drive 3000 miles a week can you do something like that!!!

    Please contact me at xxxxxxxxxxxxxx6 and my name is Cory Akins

  45. I drive over 800 miles per week commuting
    What money is made with your advertising on a SUV?

  46. Hi John

    Every advertiser is different, please include those details on your application

    Thanks, Donna

  47. I would like to get car wrap advertising in my car to get some extra money… I’m driving all over Dallas & metroplex area a lot.. please let me know if someone is interested!

  48. I want to learn where I can drive an already wrapped car I don’t want to use my own

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