If you think you would be a great candidate to place ads on your car and become a brand ambassador, then please join and sign up! We are currently looking for drivers in all markets to add to our database of drivers. Once selected as a driver and an ad is placed on your car, you simple go about your daily routine and get paid monthly for it.

The process is simple:

  1. Sign up and join
  2. Fill out applications to become a driver
  3. Wait for an interested sponsor to be interested in your profile
  4. When chosen by a sponsor, you can approve the visual design that will go on your vehicle.
  5. The high quality vinyl graphic will be installed on your vehicle using safe material that will not harm your paint.
  6. The advert will stay on your vehicle for the duration of the advertising campaign, sometimes up to 2 or 3 years.
  7. Collect monthly payments

Terms and conditions for drivers:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have no serious traffic violations or criminal record
  • Must pass a background check and credit check
  • Vehicle must be kept clean
  • Vehicle must be free of damage, and be repaired if damage should occur
  • Vehicle must be kept in great working order and driven daily
  • Drivers must have a social security number and drivers license
  • Any damage to the advert must be reported within 24 hours
  • Must report any change in driver habits or routine
  • Must provide insurance up to the minimum requirements in your area
  • Advert cannot be removed or tampered with

216 thoughts on “Drivers

  1. I drive a 97 Tahoe now. I’m interested in anything you can do for me. I’m an amazing driver and I’m interested in possible sponsor racing.

  2. Hi Abbi

    Use the Sign Up Now link in the menu bar, and we will contact you

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  3. I am very interested in having my car wrapped and advertising for extra cash Please email me the steps on how to do this
    thank you
    lucy murdock

  4. I live in Texas, San Antonio, Texas, work for Subway and can even park car on a main st. for max coverage. Car will be New willing to disscuss make and model.

  5. Hi Lucy

    Use the Sign Up Now link in the menu bar, and we will contact you if your profile matches any advertisers

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  6. Hi Juan

    The make and model of the car isn’t specific, it depends on the advertiser

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  7. I would be a great candidate. I have a good driving record, and Im 27. I own a 2010 toyota corrola sport in prestine condition. I drive roughly about 1200 miles a month in Los Angeles CA.

  8. My roundtrip commute to work is 144+ miles per day. I drive through Montgomery County, PA, Philadelphia, PA, Princeton, NJ and New Brunswick, NJ through highly populated areas. Please contact me.

  9. HI Dan

    That is a lot of driving and you would be a perfect candidate, did you sign up as a driver

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  10. hi,

    Wanted to become a brand ambassador for your company. Im out on the road alot, and will to show off your company ad.

    Thank You.


  11. Hi Eman

    Perfect, use the sign up link to add your profile to our list

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  12. I am interested in being selected to participated in the selection process to have my car fixed with advertisment for a monthy payment. You can contact me at home (deleted your phone number)

  13. Hi Crystal

    Your best bet to fill out an application to be added to the pool of drivers

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  14. I am a college student in Richmond Va, I drive back and forth to school (average of 40 miles a day just to go to school) 5 days a week and travel down the main highway in Richmond. I spend a lot of time in the Short Pump (Henrico County) area because that is where I live. I drive an average of about 1500 miles a month and travel to other states multiple times a year (NC, NYC, SC, Washington). I love driving. I drive a 2005 subaru WRX.

  15. Hi Christos

    You sound like a perfect candidate for this type of advertising, add your application

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  16. Hi Derek

    You will need your own car, not many companies are giving a free car anymore, they are rather wrapping or advertising on your existing car

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  17. I have a new Fiat 500 Sport black that would be great for advertisement. Very interested.

    Thank you!

  18. I have a VW Getta; which my wife drives from Hollywood, FL to Pompano Beach, FL;that’s 16.5 Miles each way every day Mon – Fri. and some saturdays. Do I qualify to advertise on my vehicle. It’s a 2003 VW Getta in Mint Condition.

  19. Hi Nanetta

    Nice Car 😉

    Sign up your car using the link in the top menu bar

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  20. Hi Steve

    It’s difficult to say if you qualify, but it doesn’t hurt to add your application to the pool of applicants to see if you match up with any advertisers

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  21. Hi there,
    I was looking to get a wrapped car as an alternative to hiring a car for a 2 and a half week road trip in July 2013, it will be from Houston and back and be visiting most of the Southern states, I am Australian but am on a 1 year visa in America. I was wondering if your company would be able to provide anything that would fit my needs?

  22. Hi Simone

    Most advertisers want a longer commitment than a 2 week trip

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  23. Hello,
    I am very interested in employment through your company. I have a new car and I drive it roughly 70 miles a day. I have a great driving record and my vehicle is fully insured. Please let me know how I can get started. Thank you for your time.


  24. I am active in my community, and drive safely everyday, and your Add will be displayed daily!

  25. Hi Cindy

    That is great, join now and add your applicant to the pool of eligible drivers

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  26. I only drive about 40 miles to and from work and then whatever errands I have to run. I work at Walmart and live on a main road. Would I be a good candidate?

  27. Hi Greg,

    Yes, you may be a good candidate, it doesn’t hurt to get your profile listed

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  28. I have an 02 explorer that has some front end bumper damage, which is why I want to sign up for this site so I can get it repaired. would I be able to sign up.

  29. Hi Carmen,

    I don’t think you would be selected with front end damage

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  30. Hi Chris,

    Yes, you may be a good candidate, it doesn’t hurt to get your profile listed

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  31. Hi Nicole,

    Typically you wrap your own car or a small decal is added to the rear window

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  32. I would like very much to be apart of your ad team! I work at a WalMart super vented. It would be seen by quot few people.


  34. i am a single mother of two and i would like to drive one of your cars i don’t have a car so i would be using the car for my daily tasks dropping kids off to school shopping doctors appointment

  35. Hi Margrette,

    You will need your own car to put ads on, but it doesn’t hurt to add yourself to our list of drivers

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  36. Hi Jonnie,

    Sounds great, we would love to have you as a driver, please sign up as a driver

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  37. Hi Ana

    I am not really sure I understand your question, the vehicle could be owned by you or your family member, spouse, etc…

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car



  40. Hi,
    My name is Taylor and I’m from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I am a full time college student. I am involved in many school activities. I drive a vw new beetle yellow so I already get many looks and compliments. I think my car would be perfect to advertise any ad available.
    Best regards,

  41. We have both full wraps, rear window decals and side door magnet advertisements

    Please sign up as a driver

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  42. My car’s grill has been damaged. Does that make it ineligible for participation in advertising campaigns?

  43. Hello, I was wondering if you had large magnets for advertising instead of the huge — decals. Honestly I wouldn’t want to be stuck with a giant decal on my car for eternity.

  44. For a full wrap yes, but you can still get rear window decals and side door magnet advertisements

    Please sign up as a driver

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  45. Hi!
    I am interested in advertising for your company! I am a 19 year old college student who has a car on campus that I drive to my gym and hometown almost everyday. If I am not driving there, I am driving around campus, which offers lots of visibility. I own a 2002 Ford Taurus.

    Please let me know if you are interested or want more information, and advise me how to proceed.

  46. Hi I’m dalton pope and I have a 99 dodge Durango and I would love to sponsor some type of camo I am I good driver but my gas kills me which is why I would love the extra money

  47. Hi .. I’m interested in using my car for wraps… I have a scion TC and live around New Haven, Ct…. I’m close to about 4 colleges including Yale university and the major hospital Yale New haven hospital … Which gives me a opportunity to do some great advertising !!! : )

  48. We have both full wraps, rear window decals and side door magnet advertisements

    Please sign up as a driver

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  49. You may qualify right now for as a driver

    Please sign up as a driver

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  50. We don’t have any camo advertisers right now

    Please sign up as a driver

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  51. I still own my car correct? It isn’t one of those things where your car then belongs to the advertiser? Also, what if you share your car with an underage driver? Can they still drive the car, or do advertiser say that only those 18 or older can drive the car?

  52. Hi, I need help with the signing up form. I keep clicking on the “Drivers Wanted – Sign Up Now” tab and it doesn’t work. It takes me to a blank webpage, nothing shows up or downloads. PLease help, thank you.

  53. I work at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, which is a huge medical center and university. I would be interested in driving a car with
    your ad, if there is no fee to join.

  54. Hi Mnelson

    The decals vary on size depending on the advertiser

    We have both full wraps, rear window decals and side door magnet advertisements

    Please sign up as a driver

    Thanks, Donna
    My Free Car

  55. I am really interested in having my car wrapped. My daily drive to work is about 155+ miles per day. How do I signup?

  56. Whats the catch? Are there any? Do you have to pay to sign up? If so, how much? I want to know ALL the details before signing up. Thanks, Awesomesauce152.

  57. I have a three years old Mazda SUV, I drive about 1500 miles per month on mail highway, job requires lots of driving, I live off a main road in CT.

  58. Hi Robin

    That sounds great, I would add yourself as a driver to see if you match any advertisers

    Thanks, Donna

  59. What if I sign up for myfreecar and I want to know. what will i need to do if i want to get a new car and I already be advertising?

  60. Yes, we are always looking for drivers in all 50 states, including Canada and some other international countries

  61. Iam the driver for you ! im reliable,drive every day almost all day(12hours), personable and will talk up your company even when not in my car!

  62. I’m currently unemployed,just trying to earn money so I can get my own car and I just like driving around town would I make a good driver I’m interested in getting paid to drive but I don’t own my own car and I want know if I should still signup

  63. Hi Desir’ee,

    Most of our advertises require that you have a car already, but it doesn’t hurt if you sign up!

    Thanks, Donna

  64. Hey my is travis heath I’m need a car bad I’m down with my back and have no car so would like to get one I’m trying to get on disability and I dont have any money to get one.

  65. Hi Travis

    Sorry to head about your bad luck, sign up as a driver and include that info in your comment box.

    Thanks, Donna

  66. I drive a 2011 ford fusion, I travel all over Washington state, I am a full time student, a longshoreman, a disabled veteran, and a father of 3, my driving record is clean and I haven’t had a ticket in over 10 years. I am a safe and reliable driver. Contact me for more information.

  67. HI Steve,

    Our advertisers are typically looking for more miles than that, but I would suggest you still sign up!

    Thanks, Donna

  68. How do I see the options for certain size decals instead of getting my car wrapped for money?

  69. Hi Shelby,

    Some of our advertisers offer a small rear window advertisement.

    Please sign up as a driver and include that in the comment section

    Thanks, Donna

  70. We do have a few advertisers in Canada and are starting to expand throughout Canada

    Please sign up as a driver

    Thanks, Donna

  71. Hello I am interested in being a driving advertiser, however I need to be provided with the vehicle as well, I know there are many companies that give you a car too… Are you one of them?

  72. HI Alania,

    Not many advertisers offer a car, most offer you a monthly payment for advertisements on your current car

    Thanks, Donna

  73. I will be doing a 2 month round the country trip in a 2011 honda civic in the next few months. I will be going through most of the most densely populated cities in the country. Starting in Boston, Hartford, NYC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Richmond, Virginia Beach, Raleigh, Charlotte, Nashville, Chattanoga, Atlanta, Myrtle Beach, Savannah, Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, Orlando, Palm Beach, Miami, Tampa, Siesta Keys, Sarasota, Tallahassee, Panama City, Montgomery, Birmingham, Talladaga, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Jackson, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Angelo, Roswell, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Santa Fe, Silver City, Pheonix, Tucson, Grand Caynon, San Diego, Los Angeles, Lng Beach, Santa Monica, Fresno, Santa Cruz, San Jose, San Fransico, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, Denver, Omaha, Kansas City, Cincinatti, Columbus, Toledo, Cleveland, Detroit most likely more, plus everywhere in between Is this something that could work with your company?? We will also be hosting a vlog and a blog that we could also mention your business and our cars advertisement on

  74. Wow, now that is a road trip!

    Please sign up before your trip, we have advertisers that are looking for these exact type of cross country trips

    Thanks, Donna

  75. I have a 2008 mustang convertible & am willing to do this.

    Please contact me with information.

    Thank you.

  76. My mom is quite interested. She drives a little over 40 miles to go to work and she is always driving around doing errans and stuff. She only has one concern, she works part time and doesn’t drive everyday. Would this be a big problem? Let me know, thanks!

  77. Hi Olivia,

    That is not a problem, our advertisers look at the total miles per month

    Please have her sign up

    Thanks, Donna

  78. I am looking to be able to do this. I’m a responsible 18 year old driver with 2 jobs that each take probably 45 min to drive too so I’m always driving a lot. I have a Black 2013 Chevy Malibu in perfect condition.

  79. I am very interested in a car wrap. I own a 2012 Toyota Sicon. Would you please forward me some information on getting started in one of these programs.

    Thank you..

  80. Hi I own a 2007 Dodge Caliber black and I drive about 100 miles a day so mt car sees a lot of faces in a day. I have no traffic violations and always keep my car clean. Let me know if there is any advertisers interested. Thank you.

  81. Please include all that info on your application so it is searchable by our advertisers

    Thanks, Donna

  82. I am a graduate student at OUHSC. I drive from Norman, OK to Oklahoma City, OK 7 days a week. I am on interstate I-35 approximately 7 hours a week. I drive a 2009 Nissan Sentra that is in brand new condition.

  83. i Have 7 26ft box trucks we do delivers all over new Hampshire Vermont and upstate new York. give me an offer.

  84. Hi! I have a very minor damage on the front bumper. Its almost unnoticeable unless you pay attention. 2001 Kia Spectra, white, clean. Is my car eligible for the program ?

  85. I just signed up. i have a 2014 Chevy Sonic and i am a ride-share(UBER and LYFT) driver with tons of high visibility exposure. Any way I can verify that the app was received.

  86. i have a 2014 Hyundai Santa GLS do i need to drive allot? Can i drive a little instead?

  87. HI Vivek,

    Advertisers are looking for a variety of drivers, please submit your application as a driver

    Thanks, Donna

  88. I drive nearly 100 miles, sometimes more, every day in my new truck between two of the biggest towns in South Texas. I park in a very busy part of town that sees lots of traffic. I already signed up, CALL ME!

  89. Hey, I’ve got a brand new car, literally just off the lot. I want to use it to advertise. I submitted the application. Please let me know if anything pops in my area.

  90. Hi my name is sean I have a clean record. I’m dri ing around 2011che y silverado I would like to get a smaller car with less gas

  91. Are only the decals and window/magnet type ads removable, or are the full auto-wraps removable as well?



  92. I already drive a vehicle that stands out above the crowd, my truck sit 23″ higher than your average vehicle. Everything is in perfect shape! No damage, it’s an eye catcher! How would it fit in to the wrap advertising?

  93. Hi Jefferson

    We do have advertisers that are specifically looking for trucks like yours.

    Please include that info in the comment section of your application

    Thanks, Donna

  94. I have a 2013 Smart Fortwo Passion. I drive 60+ miles per day through Raleigh, Durham, Creedmoor NC. Also back and forth from South Ga to the Northern part of NC every weekend 1100 miles roundtrip. Car is in pristine condition. Not many on the road so it already gets lots of attention.

  95. Hi Stacy,

    That is a nice car, please include those details on your driver application

    Thanks, Donna

  96. I can not get my application to submit. I drive 40 minutes to and from work on a busy highway, in my Chevrolet Equinox.

  97. The application is back up, we were doing some server upgrading

    Thanks, Donna

  98. I am a Disabled Veteran with a Family we drive. An 85 Chevy Calberdy .
    Would like to drive a Free Car & Make money doing our daily driving.
    We live in a fixed income & I am Unemployed.
    Richard. S Craig II
    Thank U.

  99. Hi Richard

    Thanks for your service, please fill out an application

    Thanks, Donna

  100. Sounds like a perfect match as we would love for you to be a driver

    Thanks, Donna

  101. Hello I am very interested in this opportunity and I would like to know how do I sign up / join as I can’t find a link or mail address anywhere .
    Please could you send me a link or email address where I can apply

  102. Vehicle must be free of damage, and be repaired if damage should occur. Does this include rust spots, heat damage from engine, dings, minor dents (i.e. minor cosmetic damage)?
    Also, does the car have to be in the driver’s name (i.e. Girlfriend’s car)? Can different drivers with different commutes sign up with the same car to better the odds of being chosen or must it be the owner of the car?

  103. Minor Damage isn’t an issue, the car will be covered in a vinyl wrap

    I would include both commutes under one profile

    Thanks, Donna

  104. Hi, I have a license but currently do not have a car but would love to earn some extra money. I don’t have a car so having one and advertising would be a win/win for me. I would need it to drive back and forth to work, for errands, and occasionally the trip to South Bend, Indiana (I live in Michigan) every now and then. Would i be qualified?

  105. I have been driving for over 50 years with no traffic violations. I currently drive for both Uber and Lyft and I’m all over the Denver Metro area, including airports and all major events, sports and social, in the area, weekdays and weekends. Out of a 5 point system, I have a 4.95 rating with Uber and 4.94 with Lyft for customer satisfaction.

  106. I filled out the application. How do we send to you after filling it out, or is that automatically added to the driver list?

  107. I hit sign up and filled out the information but there is no way to submit the application…help?

  108. I live on Vancouver Island and can drive up and down the island often. and in and around the comox valley which serves about 70,00o people . I work for a Hardware store company and know a lot about all things for sale in the home improvement sector.

  109. Hi Jane

    That seems very remote, put it doesn’t hurt to fill out a driver application

    Thanks, Donna

  110. Looking for advertising opportunity. I travel over 2 hours per week day in the city and during the school months often travel to Michigan where I go to college at. I drive a 2014 Honda Civic in excellent condition. Thank you for considering me as a candidate for your company!

  111. Hi Nolan

    You would be a perfect candidate as a driver, please fill out our driver application

    Thanks, Donna

  112. I do not own a car, but i have my drivers license. Do you work with companies that offer cars in exchange for advertisment?

  113. I don’t have a consistent route but I do drive quite a bit and frequently stop in busy areas. Is there any choice in the type of advertising available (I.E. advertising for Newegg or Honda) or is it selected for me?
    I drive a blue 2004 Honda Civic Coupe with no damage or current decals other than reflective tape that can be removed if need be

  114. Hi Garrison,

    Please fill out a driver application and include those details

    Thanks, Donna

  115. Hello! I am very interested in being a driver and will be purchasing a new SUV/Crossover/Van shortly. I live in San Antonio, TX and drive about 500+ miles a week in San Antonio and surrounding areas. Are there any advertisers interested in drivers from this area?

  116. HI Amber,

    Please update your profile as soon as you buy your new car 😉

    Thanks, Donna

  117. I drive about 500 miles a week ,from inland empire to Los Angeles. I have a 2015 prius

  118. Hello,

    My daughter, 21 and an Event Photographer, travels all up and down California and Oregon. I am interested in getting information for her. She needs a vehicle to drive and I think this would be a great opportunity for her.

  119. Are you still accepting drivers? I have a 2013 Nissan Altima and work at a school but can position my car accordingly for maximum coverage. I also have my own business that I meet clients and go to different neighborhoods, and past one of the state schools on my way home. Would this qualify for possibly being a candidate to advertise?

    Also, my son has a 2002 Ford Explorer. Would he qualify? He’s in Cookeville. Thanks for answering so many questions.

    Thanks for considering.

  120. Hello,

    I am in the market for a car, and I am determined to land this opportunity. What type of automobile is most desired by businesses? Cars, SUV, Trucks!

    Best Regards!

  121. Hi Constance,

    It all depends on what the advertiser is looking for. Please sign up with your current vehicle.

    Thanks, Donna

  122. Is there any information by areas of what’s potential to make in our geographic area I live in Medford Oregon and drive from Ashland to Eugene Oregon every other day but would like to know how many other people do this here

  123. Ok so I am looking at painting my Toyota 2004 Corolla S and found a site information on wrapping and even more interesting making extra cash on using the vehicle as advertising. I am disabled and what is more perfect then not just drving but parking in disabled spots located in Front of the stores or any business. Its visiable to all patrons shopping or going into the Doctors office buildings or malls tec. I drive to school’s, doctor’s, shopping malls, grocery stores, ta I e ny specisl needs grandson to therapy. All this done daily and weekly. With driving one way 10 to 40 miles to get there. All this driving is done in Riverside county. With every other weekend to Los Angeles county and for enjoyment San Diego County and San Bernardino County. Is there a mileage requirements? I have full insurance coverage excellent driving record, just an older car that runs excellent and great on gas. My full car can be wrapped not a problem.

  124. Hello,
    I have 2013 Buick Enclave. I would like to be apart of this company to be able to earn additional money.

  125. I’m interested driving a FREE CAR. I do a lot of traveling in Houston. Driving back and forth from D/T Houston ( 50 miles one way) is 100 miles only, and driving around is about 75 miles a total 175 miles a day, and probably more if I get a FREE CAR. If a FREE CAR is provided to drive what will the weekly, or monthly pay will be. My driving record is clean not even a speeding ticket you find in my record. Very interesting…get back with me with an answer. Thank you.

  126. Since I love the road and driving on it I figured why not get a driving job since I’m a good driver and never had a ticket no driving offences I would be the right one for the job

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